Custom Blacklist

Hey, I’m using ULX UPS and it doesn’t seem to have a prop blacklist, so I am making my own. And so far it all worked, then I realised it only applys the hook for admins weirdly.
There are no LUA errors.

util.AddNetworkString( "LASChat" )

function blockProps( ply, mdl )
local models = util.JSONToTable(file.Read("LAS/blacklist.txt")) --All or part of model name.
	for _, v in pairs( models ) do
		if string.find( mdl, v ) then
                   local failure = { Color(60,60,60), "[", Color(30,90,150), "LAS", Color(60,60,60), "] ", Color(255,0,0), "That prop is blacklisted!"};
            net.Start("LASChat") net.WriteTable(failure) net.Send( ply )
			return false

hook.Add( "PlayerSpawnProp", "blockProps", blockProps )
hook.Add( "PlayerSpawnEffect", "blockEffects", blockProps )