custom bomb pls

hey guys. im kind of new here and im not sure this is the right section for this post.
anyways can someone make a custom bomb for me? heres what i need it to be like:

bomb no1 : -explodes when touched and shot only
-looks like a solid steel ball
-prop spawner friendly

bomb no2 : -explodes when dropped and shot only
-looks like a jdam bomb
-prop spawner friendly

i need it cuz i wanna build a bomber but none of the currently available bombs explodes when dropped(or touched). i know that i can make these bombs with wiremod, but the fuckin’ reality is that i dont know how to use wiremod. and im too lazy to learn how(i know im a noob). and uh… thanks in advance!

If you want to request something in the modeling section, head over to the request sub-forum.
This is more related to lua scripting though, so I’d suggest asking in that sub-forum:

umm… actually im asking for a prop not a swep so i think this is the right section

i think what he means is regardless it should be in the sub-forum for requests section

However, you want special characteristics for each bomb, so I’d suggest doing that in lua.

oh… now i see. well thanks anyways.