Custom campaign. Voice actors needed.

Well, this is a secret project, so I can’t give out much. I need talented voice actors who can voice soldiers.

This bits that I can give out

This project has a lot of cutscenes.
This project has a lot of player interactions.
This project can be described with one soundtrack:

If you are interested, please PM me.

This is related to mapping, because it’s a full campaign.

Why is your project “secret?”

Is the reason keeping it a secret more important than showing examples of it, which is the only way you’re ever going to get people to help you?

I’ll pm you when I get to a computer. :v:

Well, the concept is secret, I want players to be amazed and stuff.

I’ll post the most stripped version of the beginning cutscene of the campaign shorty.

Producers of any form of media (books, movies, games, etc.) typically release a non-spoiler, general idea of their plot to the public. This is called a commercial.

Post your idea or no one will be interested.

Thread music related.

I’ll do it. My balls have dropped, so ya :confused:

Why would you keep this secret, you’re acting like you have a fanbase or something

Everything matters. I don’t want to spoil anything.

I got the voice actors.

Do you still need any voice actors? I’m not so good but, I have nothing to lose trying.

I am a regular guy, but sometimes I try to immitate my teachers at college…
My classmates keep telling me I’m good with voices.

You could squeeze multiple voices & lines outa me.
My mic isn’t superb but filters background noise & I could arrange
for the soundrange to reach in high frequency levels for some detail!