Custom cars dossent work on my dedi???

So i have set up a dedi on my pc and all works exept for custom cars…
I have tryed download nearly all there exist and there is not one there works…


Did you Copy your Local files to the dedicated server?

Im sory i dont know what you mean… But i just downloaded the files from and put them on the server as all other?

ok, what is the exact problem here? are the vehicles not showing up in the spawn menu?

Nope… I am downloading all the models and stuff when i join the server but it dose not show up in the spawn menu :confused:

ive had this problem before… there may be better ways to fix it but what I did is that I downloaded the content client side, restarted and re joined.

So i download the files from and put them in the dedi’s addons folder and in my addons folder? o.O

that’s what I did and it worked, as I said there may be abetted way I just don’t know

Oka thanks… I will test it and see if it works :slight_smile:

sorry for spelling errors… I’m on my iPhone

Thanks it works :slight_smile:

But now i cant make them download the cars when they join? Now they have to download the addons them self and restart gmod?

Making user’s download Custom Models and all that stuff is really long, and isn’t worth it. It draws players away from your server when they see “60 Models, 700 Mats”

And? I want them to download them…

Well then have fun with your empty server. I seriously hate waiting 10+ minutes to download some models for cars/stuff I will never use.

As for your request, you can use fastdownload, though I don’t know how to use it.

I use fastdownload but if you read they have to have the cars in there addons folder and then restart gmod…


I have found out how to do it now…