Custom Character Request

A friend of mine came up with his own original character when he heard that I’ve got one for GMod. He would like me to include this OC in the future.

His name is Cal Silver, and here is a description of what he looks like: He wears a Mandolorian helmet, which sports the colours of red and purple. He also wears the armor that Deathstroke wore in Batman: Arkham Origins, but with the colours of purple and black (or grey!).

All I would need to do is re-texture the helmet and armor and just replace Deathstroke’s head with the Mandolorian helmet, but I have no experience in doing stuff like that. If anyone could help, I would definitely appreciate it!

I just thought of an idea.

I would appreciate it if somebody can just make the Mandolorian helmet separate and with the colours I described in the OP. That way, I can just re-texture Deathstroke’s armor and use the joint tool to combine the two together.

My friend and I really want this, so I hope somebody helps!