Custom chat box: Player icon-tags

Meh, alot of people told me it was hard, and people would only do it for money.

How I want it, is, like, imagine the title was my name, and the request was my custom tag, that would show up over here behind my name (< Dis way) whenever I said something.

I have the textures, the direct path is
C:\Users\Kyle2\Desktop ags\admintag.vtf
C:\Users\Kyle2\Desktop ags\ownertag.vtf



(Ownertag) DaLuig: HAI!
Quack: I have no tag
(Admintag) Lol: So sad.

Except, the tags are vtfs (and paint) I have, not text.

You would need a custom chatbox which hardly anyone would code for free.

“Hardly anyone”

I have a custom chatbox i’d sell.


I added that, just for you.

Well I guess the case is closed then.

Custom Chat Box

I could add the tags, If there was enough people that want it.