Custom Chatbox (Like in Darkland, perp, etc..)

Does anyone know how to make a custom chat box? I want one sort of like Darklands, with OOC, Local, PM’s, and /me commands. I have no idea how to do this.

Where could I get started?
I could really use help, as I am trying to make a gamemode myself.

If you want to see how they did it you could get a pretty good idea by finding their file in your cache folder and looking at it.

Bad boy! u must NOT learn some one to steal code from others.

You should download IChat its some where in the lua>release forum. and then just moddify that to ur needs.

Technically, it isn’t stealing since the server sends them to you, you are free to do whatever you want with it. If you have access to something the developers don’t want you to (i.e. serverside stuff), then the script is just poorly coded, and only the developers have to be blamed for that.

Reading and modifying code from other people is a really good way to learn, as long as you try to understand it. Just don’t release it and pretend you made it, now that would be stealing.

I only said to look and see how they did it, not to use it for yourself.

chat.AddText is very usefull for custom chatboxes. Set up a usermessage and you are good to go.

For PMs, just choose the player object to send the usermessage to :smiley:

Do the iChat thing, it’s simple enough for anyone to comprehend and adapt to their liking.
You’ll just have to dig through all the sugar-coated shit like emotes and color-text code to get something basic out of it.



found out :3:

duh, else it would be realy, its just good looking which u need. but rly dont just use releases on FP instead of using codes form other people’s gamemodes

You are contradicting yourself.

not realy, since thats public, if u go to ur cache folder that might NOT be public.

and dont rate me dumb becouse i dont want some one steeling some one elses code whtout its public.

Anything you put on the internet for other people to download is public.

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