Custom chatbox question

So tonight I began working on a custom chatbox and I wanna do emoticons, colors, and chat tags all set up in a config file, and I’m not a lua expert at all so I was wondering how I set up a config file to do so? Any help? I’m very interested because I’m really intrigued by glua and I always want to learn! I searched through the wiki and saw nothing, but I may have missed it so any help?

I think you should actually finish the chatbox before working on the config settings- they usually come after you’ve finished it. There’s two guides here and here that might help with the chatbox part

Yes, that’s true but I’m just not sure how I’d set up a config file to do this… I mean I could always finish it in the next couple days and come back here but I used those to get some of the info in, and now I’m working on the look of it…

Really all a config file is, is just a table with a couple of keys in it. For example, DarkRP creates a config table here, and then later just adds a couple of keys to it. They’re pretty simple really- then to access them in the chatbox you just need to do something like


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Config files don’t add emojis and all that by themselves if that’s what you were thinking, they just serve as a way for users to change whether or not the addon already DOES add emojis and stuff

Awesome, thank you! Also, yeah I knew that they didn’t add themselves, you were actually a really big help unlike most people I see on here.