Custom Chatbox tutorial?

Is there any tutorial for creating a custom chatbox?
Thankyou to anyone who can give a link.

Pretty sure there isn’t since it’s not very easy.

Maybe look at the code of This, eventhough it seems rather advanced.

Wtf you talking about making a chatbox is easy

Contribute instead of pointing out, that it is easy.

Their is no point helping people like OP because he expects their to be tutorals for everything

Derma and / or HUDPaint


Fine you big dick on a stick, just tell me what functions I need to use instead of moaning.

Also, thanks to the others who contributed.

Look up the post above yours ^^

He’s asking because he wants to learn. What a dick, huh?

Yeah, this OP is a dick, he should get banned for trolling.

Ironically, i might get banned for this D:

Not this ^

Maybe this:


Hehehe maybe i should just snip that previous post, D:

It’s been quoted twice; dont bother.

:ohdear: ok

I still dont understand why people expect tutorals for every little thing like “Can someone making a tutoral for making a space RTS where blah blah”

when programming dont expect tutorals for everything because that would just be pointless. Is it really that hard for you to go onto type “chat” in box see something like this and download it and look how its done instead of making a thread if more people did this then I think that this whole section would get like 5 posts a day max.

Where in the hell did I, nay, anyone say they expect tutorials for everything? If there isnt a tutorial, fine, I accept that, and I generally wouldn’t give a damn, so stop flaming, and stop moaning, because no-one cares about what you think, just easily say "There is no sort of tutorial on what you’re asking for, but you can use these functions: … … … " instead of “OMG noob just search!11!!!one!!1”

Im simply telling you so you dont keep making threads asking dumb questions that could easly be solved just by searching

But there is barely anything on chatboxes, so i wanted to know, now get out of here.


Because I have to say this is the funniest damn thing I’ve read all week.

(User was banned for this post ("dumb bump" - postal))