Custom chatbox?

Where would one get started at making a custom chatbox.

I just need some wiki pages / examples at it, I think it would be easy but hey I’ve been wrong before…

Thanks (:

Its not something you do when your new to lua, you will have to know every hook to use and have much knowledge of derma/vgui

Oh, and this

I’d rather attempt it and fail than not try it at all because I don’t think I have enough knowledge to do it.

@Nonsense thanks.

Then start with something not so far out of your knowledge, I’ve been scripting gmod lua for about 2 years and I made my first custom chatbox about 6 months ago and I still found it rather difficult.

It wouldn’t be my first lua script.

I’ve made a wallhack and a report system for my server, a few plugins for Evolve and etc.