Custom CHudWeaponSelection?

Im having an issue with finding any information on making a custom CHudWeaponSelection. I have already hidden the default one but now i cant change weapons -.-

But alas my desired result would be a completely custom weapon selection menu (CHudWeaponSelection)

Any help or pointers to some wiki?

What you have to do is draw the weapons the player has, then listen for the binds “invnext” and “invprev”, but make sure to also handle “slot0-9”. Then handle the logic for when to switch weapons (mouse click, etc).

Ok i kind of understood that but then again i didnt…

Im trying to make this kind of weapon selection hud.

TTT does exactly this. You can see how they do it if you want a real-world example.

The only thing you have to really do is make sure to listen for the inputs that change weapons, and then change the weapons when appropriate. You can do everything else how ever you like.

Thanks, Solved.