Custom combine assets? (+beta and alpha)

Alright, so I decided that this subforum would probably be the best place to ask, then just let it die out afterwards. Are there any custom Combine assets out there? I cant seem to find any, I’m talking about custom combine textures, propaganda crap, models etc.

And maybe also beta/alpha models and textures too :slight_smile: If you are looking for versions of the leaked files that are polished

Did you seriously just ask for custom assets?

It’s not custom unless you create it yourself.

Get some combine logos, learn to photoshop, make something cool.

Same thing with models.

But yes, use MissingInfo to get a shitton of beta models and textures, as it has the most anywhere you’re going to find.

Also there are hundreds of websites besides with models for Source SDK. Use google.

no custom means anything that is not the same as original. Your not helpful at all also phailed you should put this in the modeling section since it’s more related to that.

ill remember that :slight_smile: thanks.
think i should make another thread for it?

If someone else created it, and you use it, it’s not your “custom” model or texture.

In terms of game-wise, or the use of the term “custom content” is correct in what you’re saying, but that’s not the question being asked in the thread. He’s asking for custom models, not referring to a map or it’s custom content.

Custom (for game assets) very often simply means “non-stock”. This extends to pretty much every modding circle I’ve ever seen.

Also, it’s pretty obvious he’s asking for existing non-stock assets. Don’t be an ass.

On topic: missing information is your best bet. A lot of stuff in that is slightly touched up versions of leaked beta material. A few weeks ago someone posted a folder full of beta hl2 textures, so you might also want to look around for that

Thanks to you for setting it straight :slight_smile:

Got missing information now :slight_smile: But are there absolutely no combine assets out there? :frowning:

MI should have cut combine weapons, and some old-style combine soldiers-- you might need to look at each map individually because they don’t all have the same assets (since the maps represent different parts of the hl2 preview/rumormill timeline)

Also, look around for the russian HL2 leak. I’m sure it’s floating around somewhere-- it would have all the assets not in MI (it should have everything listed on TCRF: although whether it works with Hammer is another issue entirely)

Haha, in the thread preview the title said “custom combine ass…” and I was like WTF :v:

You seem to be confusing “custom” with “personalized.”