Custom configuration SDK.

Hey everyone. For some reason… When I’ve made the custom config. in hammer for SDK.
Then i restart SDK. Go back in. When I try to choose the new “GMod” config under Orange Box.
It just kind of freezes for 2 seconds and then just stay on Half Life 2: Episode Two,
What’s wrong? :confused:

Update: Neither can I choose CS:S
It’s like I don’t got some files. lol
But I got… And yes. I’ve played CS:S on this machine before…

Press the reset configuration settings.

Didn’t work. I just reinstalled the whole thing and then reset the config and updated the content.
And it worked! :slight_smile:

I can’t edit my post for some reason…

Well… Everytime I change it from something else than Counter-Strike:Source I have to reset and update SDK content before I can choose CS:S again…
What do I do? :frowning:

Delete your sourcesdk folder in your steam\steamapps\username\ folder