Custom content and addons becomes errors client side

Okay, I am starting up a DarpRP server and of course, with custom jobs and such, I also need custom models, vehicles, entities, ect.

For testing I simply put everything in the /addons/ folder and all was well (any body who helped me test would also manually download the addons)

But now I’m ready to switch to a dedicated server that forces the addons to the clients upon them attempting to join.

I tried making a Workshop collection and getting an authorization key, but adding that to the server parameters still only had giant errors client side.

I noticed that I was able to send a custom map to a client using Dropbox but every method I try for addons seems to fail. Also the the guns and textures in the DarkRP folder seem to have sent well.

Please help! I’m not new to computers but I’m fairly new to Garry’s Mod servers.

I can answer any questions, thanks.

Is doing “resource.AddFile(File)” the best/only way? I know I’m not supposed to post lua questions here but is there a way to add all of the files in a folder as a resource file?

What you do is make a lua file in lua/autorun (this is the simplest way I know) and put in
resource.AddWorkshop( “#########” )

This is where you add the digits to your individual workshop files. Collections aren’t currently supported.

Also, shoutout to Jeremy because I just copied and pasted his advice from another thread :stuck_out_tongue: 2lazy

SOLVED! Thanks everybody for… Lol, I used a program the took every model and such and put it all in to a resources.lua that I edited and it now works like a charm!