Custom Crafted Vehicles

Giving players the ability to craft their very own vehicle in game with different parts and modules such a Trailer Truck, adding guns to them for example crafting a Truck for 3 people and then adding an M2 turret module.
Ther could be for example:

Individual Boats
Medium Boats
Introduction of dynamic ocean events just like CARGO or HELI like a military convoy at sea where you need to have at least 1 medium boat with storage and guns so you could fight NPCs and players at sea

With the introduction of a new type of fuel (Advanced Low Grade Fuel, Petroleum), Larger crafted Refineries, a large refinery monument just like the Giant Excavator Pit, an event of armored fuel transport in 3 stages, Air transport arriving to the island/Large Refinery Monument, then a transport carrying a refined fuel from there, across the island with a convoy with NPCs on them or in a ARMORED TRAIN EVENT all around the map!! towards a Medium fuel Cargo ship that you could sink and gather the fuel and gun parts.
Addition of new modules for larger vehicles

Introducing turrets for the scrap heli, and a larger helicopter

All this with the introduction of new attatchments, custom crafted weapons, dynamic monuments. I mean this would be amazing and even could be divided in 3 large updates.