Custom CS:S Playermodels not working

A few days after the Steam-pipe update, I got curious and ran Gmod in Dev Mode, after this, my CS:S player-models will not work, no matter where I put them. The material folder and the custom do not overwrite the vanilla ones, I have also tried packing them into .vpk add-ons, but that haven’t worked either. Am I missing a step or I am just stuck like this?

Note: They still work on NPCs and rag-dolls.

they gotta be .gma files

There is no custom folder for GMod? Also, don’t pack them in the .vpks, that screws with stuff. Make sure you’re putting them in your models and materials folders in steamapps/common/garrysmod/garrysmod

Tried to pack the ct_ folders into .gmas, but that didn’t work.

When did it recently stop working?

They stopped months ago when I switched to Dev Mode.

Have you tried switching out?

Yes, I did that right after switching.

You’re putting them in steamapps/common right? Not (username)?


Link me to the models.

Alright, though, these are CSS player models off Gamebanana.