Custom Dark RP Models are Errors

I recently downloaded for my Gangwatrs RP server. The problem is. I beleive I have followed the instructions correctly but, the models still show up as a Giant red error to others viewing them in cluding myself. This is not a dedicated server, its hosted but

Do you have to requirements?

  1. Artofwarcentral is shit, I’d recommend switching to XenonServers or getting your own Dedicated box.
  2. Are you using **[Resource.AddFile](** to make sure the client downloads the models? If not, that is your problem.

I tried using the resource.AddFile(“File”) command but…I dont know if i used it correctly, I placed it in init.lua in my Darkrp/gamemode folder

If possible could you give me a resource script example for this:

I have no idea which Mdl files and which VMT files i need to place in there…