* Custom Dark RP - Willing to pay *


I was wondering if there was anyone here that could do some codding for me. I have a dark rp server and well I would like my rp to be unique and I have some ideas for it.

I am willing to pay money for this and if you are interested in this, please PM me on here so we can talk about it.

Contact me for more information

Thank you for your time.

  • Cyanide1

I am writing a description. It will take a few moment. Sorry for this, I just want to give you guys some information.

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Economy Mod: I have saw that before, it’s a red / green bar on top right. The mayor makes the economy change by answering some questions. There will be questions, with 3 different answers. If he fail, the economy will go down (15%), so people salary will be less. If he hits the right answer, economy will go up (20%) the salary of the jobs will be higher then normal. If the mayor gets killed, he will indeed loose his job, and the economy will drop down to 20%. Unless the economy is lower when he dies, it will stay at that point. It could ask ramdom questions every 15 minutes.
(Please make it that the settings can be changed: Add questions, 3 possible answers for 1 question and only one is right.) Etc.

Lottery: I would like it to be set so he can change the ammount manually. Example: /lottery <Amount>. The ammount will be the prize. The lottery can only be every 30min to 1 hour and the ammount the players could be has to be 5K and up. To join the lottery, it should be 100$ a ticket. A player can buy many tickets which will put his chance to win on his side.

Medics: We need medic to have defibulators so when someone die, they can be revived. The defibulator as 50 / 50% chance. It has to be recharged by right clicking.
Also, when they heal someone, depending on the health giving, they get money. Like $2 for 1 HP…

Printers: We also need money printers… There will be different levels of printers you can buy a normal money printer that will cost $1500. It will put out $300. There will be a Silver money printer that will cost $2500 and will put out $600. There will be a Golden money printer that will cost $5000 and put out $850. And there will be a Platinum Money printer that will cost $8000 that only donator’s can purchase and they will put out $1250. There will also need to be a printer cooler that will make so the printers will not blow up or start on fire when it is near them and it will cost $5000. When a printer is close to a cooler, the printer will be blue.

Government: The mayor can fire government worker. Command: /fire Name (Only: Police, Secret Service, Medics, Police Cheif…)

Hitmans: We as well need a bountie menu made for the hitman job so that when people put hits on other people he can view it in a screen instead of talking to them directly.

I also want tazers added too police force.

When someone dies, they have to wait 15 seconds. Screen Says dont break NLR… etc…

Different F4 menu. Etc…

More to come. Hope this is a good start.

-Will pay the scripter with Paypal.

This sounds just like XtraGaming’s, too bad the release got removed.
I want something like this too, was a great idea and really fun maybe someone will someday make it again!
(I am aware this is two years old) Weird saying that from 2013

Something like that? dunno if that will work.