Custom DarkRP

Ok well i’ve been looking around for ages. And i stumbeld across a server that is absolutely incredible i was wondering what it would take or if there is a gamemode like it out currently
Pics below
it levels you up via money printers, growing drugs, play time etc

why do you want to steal PurifiedRP’s gamemode?

so you copy and pasted code from OrangeCosmosRP which copy and pasted code from PERP

motherfucker people love ctrl c and ctrl v

So the gamemode is a progressive Cops Vrs Robber gamemode.
How is this different in any way from say normal Dark RP?

Johny thats not his server?

And banana isnt that your server?

It’s not Banana’s server, nor is it copy-pasted. :v:

I dont want to steal it to use it i want to use it for my own single player

same shit different day.

From what I can see on the screenshot, it even looks like you are trying to download DarkRP (see final tab on chrome). Which puts me to another idea: Trying to set up a server.

tl;dr no you aren’t getting it “for singleplayer”. It wouldn’t have gotten to this stage if i gave everybody a copy of it.

Thats the wiki i was looking for tuts on XP system

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And to be honest i cant afford to host or even own a server

Why would you want to play RP all by yourself?

I have nothing else to do


No, but seriously you have no life.

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Also, look at the tabs he was trying to find a leak of your gamemode phoenix.

Actually, it’s summer time and yes i was looking for one to fuck around on im not denying that but its not for my own gain.

What’s your steamid?

Hold on, Getting it

single player copy wat

just wat

you understand you can’t really play the gamemode by yourself right? that’s the worse excuse to get a copy of a private gamemode I’ve ever seen

Some of us prefer to be alone sometimes

some of us will be forever alone.

Thats the truth to

Get out. You lonely little girl.