Custom Door

I have a glass room with thick walls, and I want to make a glass door which can only be opened by a button on the outside. I’ve seen a similar door on a TTT map - 67th way, where there’s a traitor room and the door is the same texture as the wall… I’ve been Googling and YouToobing but cannot find anything (other than sliding doors)… Any pointers?

func_button with an output to open a func_door

Thanks for the response. It’s more the custom door I need help with… I have only ever made one type of door and thats a prop rotating door… nothing beyond that

You’re looking for a brush based door. Can be one or multiple individual brushes made up to be one door. You’re looking for (as Ereunity mentioned), a func_button on the outside that points an Open/Toggle output to a func_door (or func_door_rotating). Making the door is pretty simple, but since I fail at explaining, I’m gonna link a tutorial from 3kliksphilip (who, last I recall, is someone hated around here but their tutorials for this kind of work are brilliant IMO)

Thank you very much! Got it to work! Is it normal that the button moves after I press it?..

theres a flag for making it so the button doesnt move, just tick that

Oh awesome. I’ve fiddled around with it and I want the button to be the only way to open the door, I’ve tried using lock/unlock but it didn’t work, the door still opened (the door had the flag ticked for starts locked as well).

You want the output on the button to be: Onpressed > Door > Open

On the door you want to make sure the flags “Touch opens” and “Use opens” are not ticked.

woah, why is 3Kliksphilip hated? His tutorials have really helped me out

Some drama back here in FP a few years back. He said some pretty dumb shit in the mapping section back then.

His earlier tutorials were idiotic, and, although his latist tutorials are better, they still contain errors he has been unwilling to fix.

I’ve failed to get a door to open downwards… even though the door is flat on the ground, when its compiled it is standing upward and opens left/right…

Because he makes horrible mistakes and gives really, really bad advice (for example, in the video linked in this thread, he suggests aligning the door texture on the brush by manipulating the brush itself).

Set the direction to “Down”

3Kliksphilip has a clear mic through. His not like the other youtubers with fucked up mic. His was explaining stuff is good though.

His explaining teaches bad habits. Why would you name an entity by anything other than its position in the world or function? Why would you ever use hollow or carve? Serveral of my tutorials were made because 3kliks was unwilling to fix his own.

I’m honestly sick and tired of people telling beginners “NEVER UES CARVE I KIL U”. Hollow and carve are both quite useful, it’s just that they can be abused. That’s not a valid reason, however, to tell people right off the bat that they’re bad. As a matter of fact, I don’t see how hollow is bad at all.

Carve in particular allows for brush manipulation that is otherwise impossible. For example:

I made the concrete “adapter” sections on either end of the tube using carve — it got the job done very well (perfectly aligned vertices and faces), which wouldn’t have otherwise been possible.

If they’re “perfectly aligned” you could have made them manually and they’d still have been perfectly aligned.

Now try carving a cylinder into a sphere…

The inside torus had its vertices off-grid, hence why simple vertex manipulation couldn’t accomplish what I needed. Everything else was made by hand, and I was skeptical to use carve, but it was the only way, and hey — it worked.