Custom downloads

Hello, I searched how to properly add custom materials/textures, I am known as a bad searcher, so sorry if I dubble post, just redirect me if this page already exist please.

So, I added custom textures into hammer editor, it works fine, everything is perfecto, though one problem, how Do I make it download automaticly, because when I generate the map with the custom texture, map loads fine, but the custom ones doesn’t show to my friends screen - It shows perfectly on mine (Since I added them to my folder, so it loads up from my perspective), but it doesn’t download on my friends or anyone else I guess. How do I fix it? :stuck_out_tongue: only that nothing more, I promissss! :smiley:

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

I recommend VIDE

There is also the base bspzip (VSDK CLI tool) and also Pakrat (Clunky GUI, tendency to break)

This puts the textures directly into the map, so when they download the map they automatically have the custom materials.

Ah allright Ill test that tomorrow, thanks! :slight_smile: