Custom entities

So is it possible for me to make a custom entity in hammer. I want to make something like a custom vehicle, can I make it with an add-on

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Questions go iiiight 'ere ->

Thanks, I’m not new to it just wanted to know that

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Hol up, I just checked it and idk which one it is so :confused: u betta have some damn explaining to do

Read the sticky my man, we’re just giving friendly advice. We’ve had a big influx in 2 second questions like this when we have a perfectly good megathread to ask 2 second questions in

Why u calling me man ?? Also I’ll made sure to I just needed specifications

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Sorry I’m probably gonna get banned lol

Not even unlikely. This is from the new post in the rules thread:
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You can use custom entities in hammer. Just make sure you make your own/edit a .fgd file to support the new entity if you want easy editing. Otherwise you can type everything in manually by disabling smartedit and adding your own keyvalues.