Custom F4 Menu :)

Hello my good fellows,

I’m looking for a nice custom F4 menu to my DarkRP server.
I will ofc pay you.

PM me if you have or know anyone there have made a custom F4 menu.

I can’t find any custom F4 menus there.

Make a job

Hey would you look at that!

turns out there are custom F4 menu’s: &


If you can’t make it yourself, don’t buy an outdated script.

Buy one for the newer DarkRP.

Yes, and there is not any newer version…

Actually there is, and it comes with a new F4 menu.

The new DarkRP is realesed isn’t it?

I dont like the new darkrp, Really bad coded & not nice F4 at all.

And I deeply agree on some parts, however it DOES run a fuck ton smoother. If you cannot code these things yourself then you shouldn’t be moving off onto a separate branch.

Start from the new version and improve from there.

Yeah but like 5 months for like 1 week work? Thats a silly work, Designs are so bad, Not even a new HUD or even a propper F4…

Fuck the stupid API and the F4 menu update, unless you’re prepared to fix the MAJOR performance issues in 2.4.3 yourself then use the latest version, if you can fix them yourself then do so.


Well DarkRP 2.50 breaks alot tho I heared

It’s not even properly released, FPTje stated that there would be bugs and problems, this is just early access.

The only thing it breaks is scripts made for older versions of DarkRP.

I happen to have a custom F4 menu. How much are you wanting to pay for it?

Stop reselling Coderhire F4 menus