Custom files not downloading

Someone I know is running a Dedicated Gmod server, he says that when people try to connect, they don’t download any of the custom things he has added.

He did however get the map to be distributed, but when they get in, all of his custom things show up as a big “ERROR”

Any ideas?

Make sure the option entitled “Allow All Custom Content” in the Multiplayer tab under the Options menu is selected in the dropdown box.

It could also be solved by downloading the models yourself, which I highly suspect is PHX3. If that doesn’t fix anything, it could be that he is using another Source game’s models, like Counter-Strike. If that’s the case, then get CS:S on Steam at

I hope this helped

He can force clients who join the server to download the files by putting
[lua]resource.AddFile( “models/modelname.mdl” )
resource.AddFile( “materials/materialname.mdl” )[/lua]
etc. in a serverside autorun script.

For example, pasting those lines and adding more for each required material/model/sound in a script like lua/autorun/server/content.lua would make clients download the listed files.

That’s what I wanted to say, but I couldn’t fully remember the procedure to do that. I almost typed Player.AddResource lol