Custom font in Derma skin?

Hello. I’m trying to add a custom font to a new skin.

I’m using the file here with stuff renamed so it’s its own skin:

I’ve added a font and tested it and it works fine, but changing the font in the skin to the new one doesn’t seem to have any effect. I tried changing where it loads the font (before registering the skin, in initialize, etc) to no avail. Is a custom font in a Derma skin possible?

This may help a bit. I can’t remember exactly how to do it but I remember that this helped me when messing around with my Derma Menu fonts.

Link :

If not I’ll try to mess around and figure it out again as I don’t have the code to my old Derma Menu with a custom font for this.

I’ve already tried creating it in the initialize hook. I even created a panel and manually set the font on it to make sure that it was being created correctly and it was.