Custom Font on Ubuntu


I’m trying to use a (eventually several) custom font for my GMod 13 gamemode under Linux (Ubuntu). I’ve pulled many of my hairs out as to how to import a custom font, after trying heaps of tutorials and trying to replicate existing gamemodes’ way of achieving this.
After a while I figured I’d try out my gamemode on a friend’s computer who’s running Windows. Shockingly enough it worked just fine for him; all the custom fonts showed up as intended!

What I have tried
This would give me reason to believe my integration method is correct:

  • I’ve placed fonts in the** gamemode/content/resource/fonts** directory;
  • I’ve added them through resource.AddFile;* the files are being downloaded just fine*
  • I’ve tried placing a copy of the fontfiles in my** garrysmod/resource/font** folder;
  • I’ve tried **installing the fonts directly **in Ubuntu;


-- at the top of cl_hud.lua
surface.CreateFont("WaitingForPlayers", {font = "Open Sans Condensed",
                                    size = 34,
                                    weight = 1000})

-- called in paint
dr.SimpleText("Waiting for players..", "WaitingForPlayers", ScrW()/2, 100, COLOR_WHITE, TEXT_ALIGN_CENTER, TEXT_ALIGN_CENTER)

Font File

Now I understand (by assumption) there’s only a small minority of GMod players using a Linux operating system, so I’m fine with it not working for new players.
I would at least like to get the fonts working for me in the game, even if it takes a few extra steps or installing of files so that I may properly test the GUI of my gamemode.

If you would have any clue at all as to where I might find a solution, and you have a minute to point me in that right direction you would be of enormous help to me!

Thanks for reading!

Post the code and the font file.

Thanks for yer reply, I’ve updated the main post with a code-snippet and a link to the font.

Why are you developing on Ubuntu…? There’s your problem right there-- Garry’s Mod runs horribly on Ubuntu, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is just a bug due to the current state of things. Whenever I’ve tried to run Garry’s Mod on my Linux distribution it ran like absolute shit, and all the fonts/UI elements were screwed up (I’ve actually created an issue report on this ages ago). Try developing your gamemode on Windows or Mac if you can.

That’s why we have GitHub bug tracker, to squash those bugs. Since Killburn now works on GMod, we can get this fixed.