Custom func_precipitation particles.


I have been researching all over the internet to find out if it is possible to either constrict a particle spawner to inside a brush (have all particles delete themselves once they leave the bounds), or simply modify env_ashes or func_precipitation to support custom particles. I cannot seem to find anything.

Is there any way that I can do this with a pre-existing PCF particle? (this is not a LUA based particle)


Not in GMod, no.

I think the Ash parameter in func_precipitation use a missing texture (that is in hl2 ep1,2)

You could use a custom texture to replace the missing one, and have a custom func_precipitation effect

Not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but you can use func_precipitation set to the “ash” precipitation type and modify these files with your custom textures:


I made this for someone several years ago:

You can’t modify the behavior of the particles, but they’ll only appear inside func_precipitation volumes.

Thanks for all of the replies! I understand that texture replacement might be possible, but I was looking more into changing the behavior of the particles not so much as changing the texture.

env_smokestack is a bit buggy, but has several options for particle manipulation.