Custom Gamemode help

I’m basically trying to rename DarkRP to ____RP. I’m not really sure how i would do that.

Don’t change the name. Garry said himself he doesn’t want people cluttering the serverlist with differently named gamemodes that are just DarkRP, TTT, etc.

Well thats too bad. I’m doing it. I have the right to boi.

Good luck figuring it out.

I already have :smiley: My new gamemode is now up!

Exactly what the Garry’s Mod community is in need of!

Dude really why would u do that its not even custom just a name.

Yes it is. I just needed to know how to rename it. Im customized the shit out of it now.

Sounds like another dumb sever, let me guess you got them custom cars and weapons from the workshop? wow your server is SOOOO original.

HA right, sounds like one from the information ive posted on here maybe.

If you’ve “customized the shit out of it,” why not make your own gamemode?

#noplayers #1/50 #renamedyourshitgarry #look@mycustomwok #renamedgamemode


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I am? Just not from scratch.

No your not its not you making it if you edit i doubt you edited anything probably bought coderhire stuff and if you did customize it you probably would have known how

Think what you want :smiley: Why buy coderhire stuff when its all leaked?

So your implying you got it leaked wow if your server is custom whats the ip so i can test

So, you downloaded leaked Coderhire scripts, and from that you are going to make SomeGayRP and dedicate your own category to it? It’s going to be at the bottom of the list, and noone will even see it.

gtfo faggot no leaked scripts

Lol Did i ever say i downloaded them? I was just letting him know that they’re out there.

People already know they are out there you don’t need to announce it so more people can steal them.