Custom Gamemode Q menu doesnt work.

Im making a gamemode with a friend and we can’t find the issue with the Q menu.

If I press Q the spawn menu doesnt show up. (Tested on other gamemode and it works)

And I removed all the cl_init.lua

The rest of the client stuff.

function GM:ContextMenuOpen()
	return false

this is the only things that are in cl_init.lua…

Could someone help me out here :smiley:

function GM:ContextMenuOpen() is for the C-menu, the context menu. Not for Q menu.

And obviously in your gamemode, you must create a Q menu, or derive your gamemode from Sandbox, not base gamemode.

The base of this gamemode is Sandbox, I know thats only for the C menu, I just wanted to show you guys that we didn’t Disable it or anything.