Custom gamemode tags in the Server Browser?

Hey guys. Let’s say I want to make a custom version of Sandbox from garrysmod/gamemodes because I don’t want it overwritten when Gmod updates.

I call this gamemode “Sandbox1”.

I run my server with the gamemode “sandbox1”.

However, on the server browser, it shows up as sandbox1, and not sandbox, and thus it doesn’t get grouped with the other sandbox servers.

Is there any way to force the server-browser to see your server as a sandbox gamemode even though it’s using sandbox1?

change the file name of sandbox to sandbox1, and change sandbox1 to sandbox, and just don’t get them confused.

Change the foldername to sandbox_modded

The txt file needs to be the name of the folder, rename the folder as suggested above. Make sure GM.Name = “Sandbox”; or whatever Sandbox is titled. GM.Name is what controls the browser name.