Custom garry's Mod quality problem

Edit: I screwed up the title a bit, this thread is about a custom Gmod background.

Yeah guys, I mostly make screenshots in garrysmod, good ones, with ragdolls and stuff, but when i open it in… its all good quality right, same size as my garry’s mod background: 1280 x 800…

But if i put it in the console folder as background01 and background01_widescreen, it appears on the menu in a very screwed up stretched out quality

How do i get it in a decent quality?
as Gmod background

The background and widescreen background colors don’t follow their normal ratios.

4:3, 3:2… it doesn’t matter the ratio of your monitor. Source displays the backgrounds with a texture ratio of 1x1.

For example, a 4:3 monitor with a resolution of 1024x768 would require a background texture of something like 1024x1024 or even 2048x2048.

I believe widescreen backgrounds follow the same pattern.


resize and stretch the picture in so it IS 1024x1024 and use it like that. You can also try it as 2048x2048 but I’m not sure if a texture with that high of a resolution works as a background.



your resolution on the left; how the texture should be created on the right to get a consistent, unstretched background.


notice how it’s SUPPOSED to be stretched as a texture. That’s just how it works.