Custom Gmod Model

I would appreciate it if someone made me this.

I want him to be wearing a gray beanie, a dark red hoodie and jeans.

That is all I want. Also citizen male 7 for the face.

I hope that its not too much to ask for.

Also I would like to be able to play as him.

Skin him, all you need is slight photoshop skills.

Just open the .vtf for your rebels, color, then your done.

Could just take that Human Hunter model out there, hack on Mike’s rebel head, and do some light retexturing.

the thing is… I don’t know how to do that stuff. Why else would I request it?

Also, this is a request thread. I am requesting that someone should do this and not tell me to do it myself.

what if someone gave you a tutorial?

I’ve seen one and it was too complicated for me. I don’t know how to do this stuff. This is a request thread! Someone requests and then someone does their request! No one is supposed to tell them to do it themselves. Quit being lazy, if you say its that easy, then just do it!

These people (well most of them), don’t just get on these forums to fulfill your every request and want. They want something out of it usually(being able to use it themselves or $$$), and you calling them lazy is not going to do it when your being lazy as well. Actually try to do SOMETHING, and may be they would respect your efforts/be able to do it easier and then they’ll help you. So you can’t model, or code, because to you its too complicated, ok, but still, do SOMETHING, edit some pictures, heck just SHOW some pictures of a hunter, so people can get the general idea while reading the thread. Then, either hawk out some cash, or ask politely, and then you have to WAIT. Someone charitable will eventually come along and offer to make it for you. (or, if you offered cash, they’ll swarm in)

Plus, you might want to actually make it MORE difficult. Because other people might then want it for themselves, or want to make it just cause they can, and get some actual training out of it :P.

Good luck :P.

forget it, I don’t want it anymore.

thats the spirit :3

It was douchey to call them lazy for not taking your request, but it’s definitely douchier to tell someone to do something themselves on a request thread and claim that everyone here is out to get paid.

-_-. I didn’t say EVERYONE, and I didn’t say to get paid. They want SOMETHING out of it, even if its just that warm fuzzy feeling of helping someone, they want SOMETHING. Sorry if that wasn’t clear, and I’m sorry you decided to give up on it. I apologize if my first post was the reason for your loss in interest in the matter.

Edit: Though yes, I did imply people would be more likely to do it if you offered cash, but I personally believe: Asking random people in the street to draw me a doodle would be less effective then offering to pay random people on the street to draw me a doodle, and also that if I had already started the doodle and asked someone on the street to finish it they would be more likely to doodle as well, since now its easier for them.