Custom HUD flickering in some areas of the map?

Hello. I have created a HUD for my DarkRP server. I created it in Singleplayer, and everything works TOTALLY fine. But after I uploaded the .png file(s) to my FastDL, and added the image and cl_hud.lua file(s) to the server, everything went south… The HUD flickers on and off when the player is looking in a certain spot or moving around the map, and when I change weapons to the stun gun the HUD hues itself red. I am completely lost as to how I can fix this. This is probably the weirdest problem i’ve come across in my countless hours spent on this game… ANY help would be very much appreciated. There is a video below on what is happening exactly.

Bump. this issue definitly need’s fixing i tried looking over the code and cant figure it out either

looks like it might not be unlitgeneric, or you might not be setting the color before you draw it (just guesses)
it’s hard to tell without relevant code

Worked after I set the color, thank you so much!!!1!