Custom HUD for each Fretta player class

If I had a Lua file which would display a custom HUD for the player, how could I apply it to different Fretta player classes? And what if I wanted to apply it to everyone?

Just have a HudPaint hook with a bunch of if-then statements based off the return of LocalPlayer():Team().

That makes sense, thanks. And another quick question… if I wanted to display a message to the client when he’s killed someone, how would I go about doing so? PlayerDeath is a serverside event so I’m not sure how I’d go about doing it? Would I have to use usermessages or is there a better clientside method?

You could do usermessages, but I’ve always liked the simple ChatMessage.

So I’d make something like

killer:ChatMessage(“You killed “…victim:Nick()…”!”)

and put that in a playerdeath hook. This runs serverside, of course.