Custom Hud in Darkrp

So i have a few questions Like How can make a outline for a hud or how does scrW or scrH Work? and Custom fonts

ScrH() - x puts it in the bottom right x pixels above the screen
ScrW() - x Puts it in the top right x pixels beside the screen
The two combined puts it in the bottom right
Just using ScrH() - x would put it in the bottom left of your screen
ScrH() - 10 would put it 10 pixels away from the bottom of your screen and have it on the left, and so on and so forth.

For custom fonts you can create one by doing:

surface.CreateFont(“yournameofchoice”, {
size = 10,
weight = 500,
antialias = true,
shadow = false,
font = “DefaultSmall” --You should place custom fonts in your resource folder

How do i start a darkrp hud?

How do you start a darkrp hud? not too sure what you mean, you should place your custom hud in:


Alright and the last question about the Scr How can I make it to go to top of my screen