Custom Hud maker

I was wondering if anyone has a custom hud making script.

ehud no longer wants to work, if you have a working version of that, it would work too.

I have ripped the entire Clear Sky content and am trying to make a hud

Yeah, but just make it slightly more complicated so we don’t start getting 5 second HUD’s…Too!

I know, Im making this for myself and Radiation Script 2.

I already have all the pics that I need from it (yay getting the raw hud) and was mainly wondering if there is a fix for eHud that will work on the current Gmod

OR… You can code it from scratch?

Yeah, Im probably gunna end up doing that.

DepthHUD Inline Is a really good HUD, you can move things around, remove or add modules, and even make your own.

Alright, Ill fiddle with that, thanks