Custom Hud?

Any coder make a really nice HUD for DarkRP?

I can pay them 10+$ if needed.

Just name, salary, wallet, job and health. Also the website if possible.

Look similar to this:

You know, I heard you shouldn’t steal ideas from other communities. It’s really quite rude.

So you want us to code a copy of their HUD, which they probably worked hard on, and then give it to you for a measly 10$?

I created that hud… So I can give you one really similar for sure…

No no no, I just want a hud with name, salary, wallet, job and health. Anyone that new anything about coding would know that most DarkRP huds have those parts. I do not want rank or armor ether. I was useing that as an example of a(n) custom hud.

That would be nice, I could pay you or give you thanks on my website.

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Can I ask your rl name, I know the owners and dev’s of that server so I may know you.

Leo Cash, you need to learn how to spell. You also need to learn basic grammar.

Yep, that’s him alright.

I’m the Dev. My name is Roy

Steam ID (so I can friend you)?


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Its funny how the same three people “dumb” all of my posts.

A hidden figure

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Please stop with the “dumb”.

I may rage on you guys.

You are dumb Leo, i know you very fucking well and your a complete fucking tool.
Your not very well respected and as cool as you think.
Your very much hated in your own community.
Now stop trying to steal peoples work and do something for yourself… Oh wait RoZ got banned after you let him code for you, oh and wasn’t that the same story with ReVus once he designed you shit? Great Leo just great. Go fucking die in a ditch you thieving motherfucker.

(User was banned for this post ("flaming" - postal))

Wow, nice way to revive a thread, mate just let it die… :confused:

just kinda need to point out that hud its a darkrp hud tutorial on the old wiki

lol that’s fantastic, i was just about to comment on that to XD…