Custom Hydra: Seer from HL2 Beta



This is what I have been working on in the past 3 days. Since I didn’t see any Hydra models with the Seer head, I decided to go ahead and make one using blender. It is untextured, but it has an abadoned UV mapping (abadoned since I can’t get the green eye things to work).

I will add the .BLEND file as soon as I will find a decent uploading site where you don’t have to register. I checked rapidshare and megaupload so far, any ideas are appreciated!

I think it’s too fat.

Where? The head or the body? I used the pointy headed hydra as a base, if anyone asks.

Like bottom of it. Is really fat I think.

I think I see what you mean. I am resizing the head right now. Oh and I checked some reference pictures too.

The bulbs near the actual “eye” part were supposed to jiggle, so if you ever get that far, add jiggle bones.

Other than that, it looks great. I’m glad to see someone take on the other parts of the hydra, not just the stab tenticle :stuck_out_tongue:

Err… Sorry but… I can’t rig (Well, I can insert bones but I suck in doing it. Some of the model’s parts stay there, not moving with the bone), so when I will be done, someone has to rig it.

Excuse me?

I have uploaded new pic’s. Check 'em out!

EDIT: Oh great! I was tinkering with the bones AND I RIGGED IT WITHOUT PROBLEMS!

Thank you.

Amazing. If only some one could’ve made a sand barnacle and added some custom animations.

Thanks! Well, maybe I can try to model something resembling the Sand Barnacle, but looking at my skill, i don’t know if I can do it. Maybe sometimes I will try it!

Though i found out on the combine wiki that theres a model of it in model veiwer, though you need lost coast since it was supposed to be inside. I also saw that theres pictures of the textures for the barnacle such as the head and the body.