Custom Image not working? help!

Well, I put this in init…

if SERVER then
resource.AddSingleFile( "content/materials/coin.vtf" )

its inside of my gamemode (I have a file named: Content and a file inside of that called materials)
When I join it dosen’t download and, it dosent load up when I use

   -- This is inside of a HUDPaint and paints onto the screen but the image dosent
if not IsValid(coin) then
		coinimage = vgui.Create("DImage")
		coinimage:SetSize(25, 25)
		coinimage:SetPos(115, ScrH() - 83)
		coinimage:SetImage("content/materials/coin.vtf", "vgui/avatar_default") -- The last image location is if the image dosent load then it sets it to a [?] on the    screen! and dosent load the image?

Do I have to use png because it has to be! vtf don’t work well? and I have converted the png to vtf…
please help!

In the path when u request the vtf or add it to resource you dont need the content bit eg “materials/coin.vtf”

Well that didn’t do anything, and now its an error…
when I join the server it dosen’t download the file? why?

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Is there a way to download it no matterwhat?

resource.AddSingleFile( “content/materials/coin.vtf” )

Read on how to use the function.

coinimage:SetImage(“content/materials/coin.vtf”, “vgui/avatar_default”)

Read on how to use the function.

Dosen’t load, nor does it download when the player joins?

Shouldn’t it just be coin.vtf instead of content/materials/coin.vtf?

Thanks but non of it is downloading, and non of the ideas are working?

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Ok so now another senario, it does download. But it dosent load?

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coinimage:SetImage("content/materials/coin.vtf", "vgui/avatar_default")

this like here, is the one line that is bugging me!
It sets the image to the far end image [?]
why isn’t working? !!