Custom/Implemented Models

Hello Forum!
I was wondering, how do i get a single model from DOD (day of defeat: source) and implement it into my Garry’s mod Map! How do i do this? i know i need the MDL file and simple add it… or am i wrong? and where do i get this file since from what i can see DOD’s Models are skybased? :slight_smile: or am i totaly retarded?

I don’t understand what you’re trying to do. Are you talking about spawning it in Sandbox, or making a map in hammer?

it is possible to extract it from the game, add it to your map, and zip to model up with the rest of the map with pakrat or something

Into hammer :slight_smile:

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Yes, but where do i find the models for DOD? it seems they are sky based? :frowning:

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All i need is ONE freakin’ model… its frustating :frowning:

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Okay… I figured out how to get the model from DOD, now when i make it in hammer its invisible? what can cause this? i have the MDL fine the right place, what else do i need? i got some other files related to the prop, but i have no idear where to put it… Tutorials seems to be outdated… :frowning:

you have to extract the model to the folder of the game hammer is using as well