Custom iron sight pos. for CSS weapons?

I won’t bother with typing a long post with random shit no one cares about, so I’ll keep it short.

Is it possible to change the iron sight positions for the CSS weapons?

I downloaded the Ironsight Designer and got the fitting iron sight vectors.
But what/where should I replace/put the numbers?

I’ve tried adding the vectors to the .lua files in addons/counter-strike/lua/weapons.
This did not work. I did try making the file read-only, but that didn’t work either.
Sooooo…where do I put this?


I dl’d custom css weapon skins.
Wrong iron sight positions (or not fitting)
Need help to fix.

go into “addons/counterstrike/lua/weapons/weapon_*/shared.lua” and change the sight position in the lua file.

That’s what I’ve been doing…