Custom Jihad Sound

Hi, i’m a idiot when it comes to lua and i can’t add a custom sound to my TTT server. Basically before the jihad blows up i want to replace the LALALALALAl sound with a sound that yells LEROY JENKINS (if you honestly care).

Basically what i did was i created a sound addon to the workshop so the players can download the custom sound(which i’m not sure i did right either). All i really did was create a folder called Workshop (which shouldn’t matter) containing a sound folder with a file called enderx_leroyjihad.wav and a addon.json file.

I added it to my server collection like how i install every other addon (note that the ‘addon’ i made is in public mode)and it didn’t install client side or on the server even after restarting multiple times. So i tried installing the sounds to the server manually, still wouldn’t install client side. If i use the playsound command with ULX it says that it’s playing the sound though but i can’t hear it.

I tried adding a resource.AddFile line just to see if it would do anything. like i said i don’t know too much about lua and this was sort of a last resort.

Anyone know how i could add the custom jihad sound? Seems like it would be something extremely simple to do and i’m probably going to laugh at how stupid this post is in a couple weeks but i really need help adding it.


Forgot to mention the sounds work just fine for me but i have to manually subscribe to the addon.

Use resource.AddWorkshop( “WorkshopIDhere” ) to send the addon to clients. resource.AddFile is only for FastDL, non-workshop files.

Ok i’ll try that i’ll reply if it works

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Nobody is on my sevrer right now and none of my friends that play gmod are online right now so i havn’t been able to test it but when i joined it said something is creating errors at the top left and i checked the console and it said it was coming from the shared.lua

this is currently my share.lua file

Just a FYI in the ‘addon’ i made it contains end round music also and other people can hear it just fine

and the jihad isnt showing up in the T menu with that config

Because you randomly put 211376997 on the AddCSLuaFile line.

Wow i’m a idiot i put it there so i could copy/paste something else really quick.

thanks a lot dude :smiley:

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Yeah it works now thanks dude