Custom Jihad Sounds

Hi. I’m looking to add custom jihad sounds for a ulx group. I am wondering how I would do this, I could put them in the pointshop if possible and only allow that group to view the tab?

Disclaimer: Searched everywhere, no luck.

Do you want multiple jihad sounds for one group or different jihad sounds per group?

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You don’t need to use pointshop, you could set the sound to be different depending on the user group if that’s what you want by using an if statement.

For example

if self.Owner:IsUserGroup("SOME_USER_GROUP") then
    code here

Just replace SOME_USER_GROUP with the usergroup of your choice.

Did that answer your question?

Not at all :S

That’s because you have no experience with code and have the expectation of someone to give you the complete, processed answer. You’re gonna have to take some initiative and learn some programming, man.

Yep, I totally agree.

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Just spend time looking at other people’s code and spend a lot of time on the lua wiki. It took me a month to learn lua, but I already knew 2 other coding languages. I am always learning new tricks in lua.

“Add custom jihad sounds”.
What the hell does that even mean?
When will there be custom jihad sounds?
Be a little bit more specific…

He mean’s one different from the usual yell, like some people have a wrecking ball clip playing instead.