Custom Key Configuration Automaticly Resets

Foreword: I searched for this on google and on Facepunch. I got no answers, so forgive me if this same topic is hidden somewhere…

OK guys, if you want to get to the point skip the story in the brackets. You might want to read it anyway, it miiiight help.
------------------START LONG STORY--------------------
I just started up Gmod and went to my favorite server. I run around for a while and build a fort, and then hold v to ask if anyone wants to join me in my fort (Somehow, V is easer than X to reach with my fingers o_0). I don’t see my icon talking in the lower-right hand corner. “Hmm,” I think to myself, “I guess my keyboard didn’t read it,” I took a step forward. But I didn’t step forward. I noclipped forward. I then pressed V again. I stopped nocliping. I pressed N, which I had bound to noclip. I started noclipping. I pressed X, which I had bound to Impulse 101 (I bind almost every key on my keyboard to something - K for kill, t for teleport, m for fast noclip, etc.). I started voice chat. I checked my Options menu and it looks like my Gmod menu is unbound, my Context menu is unbound, my Primary Fire key is unbound. But I can do all those things! I tried resetting to default and then changing V to voice. IT DIDN’T WORK. I tried going into the console and typing unbind v. IT DIDN’T WORK.
-------------------END LONG STORY------------------
I guess my point is that GMod hates the fact that I have bound keys to different things and now wants to punsih me by making sure that I always use the default configuration.

I have not installed any addons to interfere with this, the last one I downloaded is a Gmod Stranded map. Also, I installed it yesterday and yesterday I didn’t get any interferance. So no, don’t tell me it’s an addon. EPIC EDIT: I know my keystrokes aren’t that big a deal, but it’s annoying and if its an easy fix I’ll take it.