Custom Keyblade Models

Alright, I’m working on a little project and I need some keyblades for it, preferably these guys;

Twilight Princess Keyblade

Shadow the Hedgehog Keyblade

Both of these Mario keyblades

And while I want the keyblade Mario’s holding here the most, Link’s is pretty cool too.

I’d like them with a ragdolled chain too, if possible, similar to Medrop’s ported keyblade models.

Thanks in advance!

Also, I didn’t draw these. Just putting that out there.

Look at 'em!
they almost look serious!
How precious.

i would love that mario keyblade:

Hehe it’s like they want to look serious but don’t quite know how.

The only way it could be funnier is if they were clothed in black and had facepaint.

Alright, enough with the side commentary from the peanut gallery. I’ll admit they don’t look serious at all, but they weren’t posted for discussion.

Let’s stick to the keyblades, shall we? Keep the maturity level above kindergarten level?



if you played kingdom hearts 2, you should already a large amount of models. Oblivion keyblade ftw lawl

I stopped reading the post at the Sonic one.

One last bump. After this I’ll just use…whatever.

“i like those keyblades”

Wow. There’s a new thread button in the request section, you know.


Don’t post in another request. Sheesh, the noobs in this place…

i tryed , once?
thanks 4 reminding meh

Well, figure it out then. Thread hijacking is frowned upon here.

i did but no one likes my requests?


i did fugure it out. but no one likes my request’s.
i hope those keyblades work out ^^

That’s no excuse. Now please, stop trolling and either bump your own request or re-request it. I don’t appreciate thread hijacking, and from what I’ve seen, neither do the mods.

And if you don’t mind, could you edit that post with the picture and replace it with “-snip-” or something, please?

it’s done.
sorry for what i was doing.

Thanks, and at least you’re sorry for it.

Believe me, I’ve seen plenty of people who hijack and don’t care about it. I’m sure someone will comment on your request, but custom models aren’t easy. If there’s a Kill Bill game or whatever out there, you should see if someone could port from that.