Custom Lights

When me and a couple friends were experimenting on the Lamps, my custom lights wouldn’t load(Wouldnt load the big G or anything like that).
Also on another server, where there are custom headlights, (color changing), they wouldn’t work…I would keep seeing light as the headlights/lamps/lights

You don’t have them uploaded correctly I need to see what you downloaded and where you put it.

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installed rather*

This is just the custom things on lamps in general.(ex. Garrysmod G)

Try just re-naming your garry’s mod folder , this will restore everything (you will lose your addons tho)

Finally got the motive to reinstall Garrys Mod, @Mipje
Except, they do not work still.
Is there any files that I should delete?
I really need these to work :wink: