Custom Load Screen

[release]Name: Custom Load Screen

Info: This will replace your default loading screen to this custom one, the background was made by facepunch member Ilwrath.

Download: (Always has latest version)

Install: Just extract to your “garrysmod/garrysmod/” folder. Not addons.

Awww, i almost completed my addon for this, oh well. nice

Doesn’t mean you can’t release yours. gStream didn’t stop me releasing YouStream, even though it was made earlier and has more features.

Love it.

You must add a custom progress bar download for each files

Out of curiosity, what does the “Start a game” button do?

Is it possible to do all of this without replacing the default loading screen?

Let’s say that I want to use this on my server and I want the people who join to see a custom loading screen, but I don’t want them to see it when they join other servers.

Would that be possible?


No because when you join the client doesn’t have the lua files(which have to be downloaded first…).

The first time the player joins the clientside lua is downloaded and they can see the default loading screen, the second time the lua would be loaded properly and it would work; correct?

Impossible, unless they downloaded it and saved manually. (You could then use a module to detect the IP of the server and use it that way)


Was intended to be space invaders etc…

No because that would require that you can write directly into the lua folder of gmod(what you can’t).

Just No.

Too bad, it would be nice to use it for something like that.

Then do it!!! We will all love you if you do!

Eh, working on it now.



Oh shit, awesome. Too bad it doesn’t work for clients. :smith:

Add start game and i will download it

This is P cool.

You deserve a LUA King, if it would still exist on FP :sigh: