Custom Loading Screen Not Working

I’ve recently tried to install a custom loading screen to my GMOD server. This was without success. I uploaded the html to my website and typed: sv_loadingurl in console. Could anyone help?

Doesn’t seem to work for SP or joining your own listen server. Seems to require a dedi to test.

Same here, i have a dedicated server, and using sv_loadingurl yet it comes up as a white page when loading. In the browser it’s fine.

I am using it on a dedicated server.

Now that’s interesting. Try installing an addon onto the server alone and see if it’ll show.

Tried putting it into the server.cfg instead?

I’ve tried but the custom loading screen only seems to appear on a map change, not when the player connects.

Oh i have not tried a map change, because just now when someone joins it goes to the gmod loading screen then turns white. and stays like that until they spawn.

I’ve discovered a work-around. Use the changegamemode command and it’ll work.

What do you mean by that? Does that fix it so when people join? If it helps I’m using Fretta.

Doesn’t it need to be a page instead of a .html file?

No, I’ve done it as a html file fine.

Kay, found a nice way of fixing this.

make your server startup in gm_flatgrass, and add this lua file to lua/autorun/server/

hook.Add(“Initialize”, “loadingscreen_fixer”, function()
if (game.GetMap() == “gm_flatgrass”) then
timer.Simple(1, function()
RunConsoleCommand(“changegamemode”, “CORRECT_MAP”, “GAMEMODE”)

comes in handy if your server likes to crash >.>

take out http:// gmod does that for you in a ded server

I can’t believe something so stupidly simple was the issue this whole time. Thank you --.–

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