Custom Loading URL Image (jpg) And Music (mp3)

I want a custom loading image and music for my Garry’s Mod Server but i can only have one or the other

the music: sv_loadingurl “!.mp3
the image: sv_loadingurl “

Is there any way i can have both?
Please Help

You will need to learn HTML.

Whats that?

here is mine loadingscreen for DarkRP gamemode :slight_smile:

thats so cool can you make me one please!?
i will give you admin on my server


I’ll make it if you pay me.

Also a tip, music when connecting makes the serious players leave. Not many servers have it for a reason.

good tip now i dont need html so you wont get payed to make me one

I’ve been thinking about it, now i think the server needs some music during it loading.
if anyone is generous enough to make me one that will be great

Reply to this to contact me

(Reward will be gifted after)

What’s the reward

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also your links 404

Do you seriously expect us to do it for you? Post a request on coderhire or just learn HTML yourself and use the <audio> tag.

At least he didn’t offer VIP on his server.

If you post links that actually work, I’ll whip a page together. You’ll need somewhere to host your image, music and web page.

I Have the image and audio i want to know how to make an html to combine both of them so the image has sound
also i need to know how to make the server loading screen take the html

I Figured Out My Html Code, now i need to know how to put it in the server.cfg file

Are you sure that you’re capable of running a srcds server?

Yes I am just getting it ready before I start to get it hosted

I have the html, I have the website and the music works in the website page but the when joining the server the music doesn’t play?
help! here’s the html, its my own that I made:


<img src=“” width=“1024” height=“768”>
<EMBED src=“” autostart=“true” loop=“true” hidden=“true”>
<BGSOUND src=“”>

Here’s the website that I host the html on:

Here’s the server.cfg line:

sv_loadingurl “

Any suggestions?
maybe new html?
maybe new html hosting?
maybe new sv_loadingurl line?

Learn how to re-size it to the player’s screen resolution.

Lower the volume on the loading screen music, that figuratively scared the shit out of me.

Don’t put a gradient on everything.

At least <center> it.

Edit this:

<img src="" width="1024" height="768">


<img src="" width="100%" height="100%">

Do you know the html code for volume?

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The New url is
and the new html is


<img src="" width="100%" height="100%">
<audio src="" autoplay="autoplay">

still no sound in gmod

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ok did that thanks for that, but still no sound