Custom lockdown sound not playing when i initiate a lockdown

Hi, i’m currently coding a DarkRP server and trying to add a custom sound, everything is set up, all codes working, all downloads working but when i go and initiate a lockdown, no sound plays and the error is Missing File from Disk/Respotiary, but i have that damn file in my gmod/sound folder, any fixes for this ?

Name the full actual directory it’s located in and the directory that you have in the code

Its located in sound/lockdown/lockdown.wav in garrysmod server in my files

and the i have the code in sv_commands

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and the directory i have in the code is sound/lockdown/lockdown.wav

Remove ‘sound’, it should just be lockdown/lockdown.wav

Thanks alot for the help, but the same error now

Failed to load sound “lockdown\lockdown.wav”, file probably missing from disk/repository

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^ Thanks for that Dumb rating gary D XD

Apparently my problem was the .wav file was corrupt, and that sound problem

And another problem is my fucking server wont download the sound for the clients